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I read somewhere once that there is a interior design “rule” that one should never draw attention to the light switches in a room. My philosophy in decorating {and life} is that first, know the rules, and then know when you can break them.

I decided that this was one of the times that I could break the rules and it would enhance rather than detract from {for lack of a better word} the overall effect. The original switch plates are the basic old school beige ones. We currently rent our place and until we build our dream house {a few years down the road yet}, I am lucky enough to have a lovely landlord {who reads my blog!} that lets me paint to my hearts content, but in terms of switching out electrical plates and major changes like flooring and counter-tops, it is just not practical at this point in time for either of us. Sooooo… I decided to switch it up another way {hee hee}.

Since I had to remove the switch plates to paint the laundry room and hallway anyway, I decided to look for some scrapbook paper to bring some life to these boring switch plates. As soon as I saw this paper at Michael’s I knew it would be perfect. The background color behind the script is almost identical to the color of the light switch, so they pretty much look like they were M.F.E.O.

I brushed on a little Mod Podge on the switch plate, put the paper on top and rubbed it flat with a credit card.

Then I flipped it over and carefully cut a little slit at each corner and then folded over all of the sides and put a little Mod Podge on top to hold them.

I then covered the front of each switch plate in two coats of Mod Podge, letting it dry between each coat. It didn’t take long to dry.

After they were dry, I took an exacto knife and carefully cut the paper out {for the holes} from the inside. For the screw holes, I did the same – just poked the tip of my exacto knife through the paper.

Voila! So far, I’ve done all the switch plates for the laundry room and hallway.

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